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The 5 Phase Epionce Regime

Phase 1

Phase 1: First, it's out with the bad stuff. Remove impurities, environmental irritants, and makeup, without disrupting the skin's natural protective barrier.

Epionce Cleansers gently and effectively cleanse the skin by emulsifying and removing dirt, oil, makeup and dead skin cells. Each cleanser is designed to work especially for your skin type, providing maximum performance.

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Phase 2

Phase 2: Next, balance and condition your skin.

Epionce Clarifier and Toner thoroughly prepares the skin by removing traces of dirt, makeup, and oil that clog the pores. Your skin is refreshed, moisture is restored and your skin's pH is balanced.

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Phase 2

Phase 3: Third, apply a powerful remedy.

The Epionce Lytic Lotions in Phase 3 reduce imperfections, uneven texture, clogged pores, dead skin cells, dry patches, and signs of aging. Featuring the patent pending EpiA™ and EpiK™ complexes, Epionce Lytic Lotions thoroughly penetrate the skin to help clear blemishes while reducing redness and chronic inflammation.

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Phase 2

Phase 4: Now it's time to restore your skin's health and strength.

Epionce Renewal products deeply penetrate skin layers and stimulate your skin's natural ability to repair itself. Featuring products specially formulated for the face and body, Epionce Renewal products also improve hydration, strengthen your skin's barrier, and prevent damaging inflammation.

Extreme Barrier Cream and Medical Barrier Cream are suitable to treat skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis.

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Phase 2

Phase 5: Finally, you can maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

Epionce Active Shield Lotion is specifically formulated to block damaging UVA/UVB exposure with a broad spectrum, quick-absorbing sheer sunscreen lotion. These powerful products help you avoid damage from the environment resulting in reduction in visible aging. Epionce Shield Lotions also help diminish visible pre-malignant deterioration.

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